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Optometry: our vision for over 78 years!

Provide highly competent and personalized services in a warm, family atmosphere. This has been the mission of our clinic since we first opened in 1942.

Dr. Yves Bastien and Dr. Nathalie Mazur, Optometrists, supported by experienced staff, offer specialized services in eye health, and in general and behavioural optometry, as well as orthokeratology and vision therapy.

Our on-site laboratory offers fast, full service to meet your every need. The leading-edge technology of both our laboratory and examination equipment is the key, along with a wide selection of contact lenses, frames and sunglasses.

We are committed to delivering friendly, professional service to our patients day in and day out.

Welcome to our clinic!

Dr. Yves Bastien, Optometrist Dr. Nathalie Mazur, Optometrist Optometric team

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